Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Secret of Mary

Considering Our Lady’s action upon the three Fatima children in a broader sense, the changes she brought about in them was something extraordinary — something far beyond their capacity. From this, we gather that Our Lady suddenly and suavely transformed them through her repeated apparitions.
    St. Francisco Marto     St. Jacinta Marto
Here we discover something akin to the “Secret of Mary,” of which Saint Louis de Montfort speaks. We see grace working profoundly in souls, and we see how it works silently, without the person perceiving it. As a result, the person feels truly free. More than ever, the person feels inspired to practice virtue and reject the evil chains of sin; consequently, their love of God blossoms.
Their desire to serve Him increases, and so does their hatred of sin. This marvelous transformation of soul occurs in such a way that the person does not experience the systematic uphill struggle of those who follow the classical system of the spiritual life to obtain virtue, sanctity, and Heaven. Much to the contrary, Our Lady changes them suddenly.
The changes in the two children Our Lady called to Heaven, Jacinta and Francisco, was particularly striking. What does this mean? Does this mean Our Lady will perform the same transformation upon us?
Is it a foretaste of how Our Lady intends to change Humanity when she fulfills her Fatima promises?
Can I say that the transformation in the souls of Jacinta and Francisco are the beginning of Our Lady’s reign? Is this not her triumph over the souls of Jacinta and Francisco, heralds of Our Lady’s message, who helped others accept the Fatima message through their prayers and sacrifices? And who still help us today through their prayers in Heaven?
If this is true, it is logical that Jacinta and Francisco be our intercessors before Our Lady and obtain the coming of her reign in our hearts. Is this not the mysterious transformation that we call the “Secret of Mary”?
I firmly believe that we must ask Jacinta and Francisco to transform us, to grant us the same gifts they received, and to guide us, whose mission it is to live and to preach the Fatima message.
Adapted from a lecture of Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira on October 13, 1971.


  1. I ask for Sts. Francisco and Jacinta's prayers and help every morning, along with Sr. Lucia's. After all, she had to spend many long years in this tough world, and I have no doubt she was just as holy, offering every minute of her life as a sacrifice for souls.

  2. Sounds like they were given the Gift of Living in the Divine Will

  3. How can these things not be true?

  4. II. In che cosa consiste la devozione a Maria
    Luigi Maria Grignion de Montfort

    65. Eppure, mio amabile Maestro, anche se tutto ciò che ho detto fosse vero, la maggior parte dei dotti, per punizione del loro orgoglio, non potrebbe fare di più per allontanare dalla devozione alla tua santa Madre e per diffondere indifferenza. Preservami, Signore, preservami dai loro sentimenti e dalle loro pratiche e dammi di partecipare ai sentimenti di riconoscenza, di stima, di rispetto e di amore che tu hai verso la tua santa Madre, affinché tanto più ti ami e ti glorifichi quanto più ti imiterò e seguirò da vicino.
    Santa giornata