Wednesday, July 30, 2014

This article explains the shocking immoral aspects of Common Core

It’s rotten to the core...

Many states and dioceses have adopted the Common Core standards that have been proposed by the federal government without real public involvement. It behooves parents to investigate Common Core and see why it must be rejected.

This article explains the shocking aspects of Common Core:

The Core is Rotten: Three Reasons Why Americans Should Not Accept Common Core

I sure hope you will read it.

Wisdom from Saint Anthony of Padua

It is useless for a man to flaunt his knowledge of the law
if he undermines its teachingby his actions.

St. Anthony of Padua

North Carolina AG drops defense of marriage: ‘no argument left to be made’

Kirsten Andersen

Kirsten Andersen

www.LifeSiteNews: North Carolina’s Democratic attorney general announced Monday that he is giving up the fight to defend the state’s constitutional ban on same-sex “marriage” in federal court.  The announcement came in response to the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling striking down a similar law in neighboring Virginia – the latest in a string of nearly identical judicial decisions.  North Carolina is also part of the 4th Circuit.

“All federal courts have rejected these arguments each and every time, so it’s time for the state of North Carolina to stop making them,” Attorney General Roy Cooper said in a statement. “There’s really no argument left to be made.”

Republican State Sen. Phil Berger, the Senate’s president pro-tem, criticized Cooper’s decision Monday evening, accusing him of turning his back on the state’s voters, who approved the marriage protection amendment with 61 percent of the vote in 2012.  He said Cooper should stand up for the people of North Carolina and uphold its constitution.

In the wake of Cooper’s announcement, the ACLU on Tuesday said they would ask the judges in the pending cases of three same-sex couples to issue immediate rulings striking down the gay “marriage” ban.

“It is a matter, at this point, not if Amendment One is struck down, but when Amendment One is struck down," said Chris Brook, legal director for the ACLU, which is representing the couples in court.

If North Carolina’s marriage protection amendment is overturned, it will become the twentieth state to legalize same-sex “marriage.”

Cooper is not alone in his decision to abandon his defense of his state’s constitutional ban on same-sex unions.  Officials in California and Oregon also decided not to appeal judicial decisions striking down their voter-approved bans.  But some attorneys general are continuing to press the case for traditional marriage, including Cooper’s neighbor to the south, Attorney General Alan Wilson of South Carolina, who is a Republican.

A spokesman for Wilson said he would continue to defend South Carolina’s law until the Supreme Court rules on at least one of the many similar cases currently moving through the federal court system.

"Ultimately, this will be a decision for the U.S. Supreme Court,” spokesman Mark Powell said. “People should not rush to act or react until that time, when a decision is made by the highest court in the land.”

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Road-weary for God -- TFP volunteers hit the streets of Louisiana & Texas to end abortion

After spending many long, hot days holding signs on the busiest streets of Louisiana and Texas, the team is road-weary, tired, and really sunburned.

But despite all those hardships, their spirit is high. Joyful. Even enthusiastic. And ready for more in order to end abortion forever in America.

Read what happened at the stop in New Orleans:

Overwhelming Pro-Life Support in Louisiana

When we stopped in Lafayette, Louisiana the response was just amazing. I don't recall hearing so many honks against abortion in any other location. For hours and hours, virtually every single vehicle that passed our display honked with joy and support.

The liberal media won't tell you this, but Americans everywhere want abortion to end. We meet them every day. It's real. And most encouraging.

Speaking of Louisiana, there is another issue of great concern that I wanted to tell you about.

The Louisiana Supreme Court is attacking the Seal of Confession. If the Court get its way, Catholic priests will be forced by the government to either betray their vow of secrecy or rot in jail for their fidelity to their vocation.

Here's the TFP statement on the issue:

Break the Seal of Confession or Rot in Jail

Thank you so much for your continued support, prayers and friendship. Together we can do great things for God.

News editor fired for criticizing ‘homosexual’ Bible, files complaint

Featured ImageKirsten Andersen Kirsten Andersen

The former editor-in-chief of Iowa’s Newton Daily News has filed a religious discrimination complaint after he was fired over a post on his private blog criticizing the pro-homosexual Queen James Bible

www.LifeSiteNews: The Bible revision was produced by homosexual activists who claim to have edited the eight most commonly cited verses against homosexual behavior “in a way that makes homophobic interpretations impossible.”

On his private blog, which has since been deactivated, Bob Eschliman wrote in April that “the LGBTQXYZ crowd and the Gaystapo” are trying to reword the Bible “to make their sinful nature ‘right with God.’”

After public outcry from homosexual activists, Shaw Media, which owns the paper, fired him on May 6.

In a statement the day of his firing, Shaw Media President John Rung said Eschliman’s “airing of [his opinion] compromised the reputation of this newspaper and his ability to lead it.”

“There will be some who will criticize our action, and mistakenly cite Mr. Eschliman’s First Amendment rights as a reason he should continue on as editor of the Newton Daily News,” Rung said.  “As previously stated, he has a right to voice his opinion. And we have a right to select an editor who we believe best represents our company and best serves the interests of our readers.”

Rung said the company has a duty “to advocate for the communities we serve” and that “to be effective advocates, we must be able to represent the entire community fairly.”

Eschliman, who has been writing professionally since 1998 and became editor-in-chief of the Newton Daily News in 2012, says that the company was aware of his personal blog when he was hired and never indicated it would be a problem for him to continue sharing his personal political and religious views.

In his religious discrimination complaint against the company, filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), he says that he believes he was singled out for termination because of his Christian views concerning homosexuality and same-sex “marriage.”

“As a lifelong writer, I have maintained a personal blog on the Internet with some personal thoughts and writings,” Eschliman wrote. “Newton Daily News, my employer, never had a policy prohibiting personal blogging, Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media. In fact, my employer encouraged us to engage in social media on a personal level and I am aware of several employees of Newton Daily News who continue to blog and are still employed with Shaw Media.”

“There is no question that I was fired for holding and talking about my sincerely held religious beliefs on my personal blog during my off-duty time from the comfort of my own home,” Eschliman wrote. “Shaw Media directly discriminated against me because of my religious beliefs and my identity as an evangelical Christian who believes in Holy Scripture and the Biblical view of marriage.

“Moreover, Shaw Media announced that not only were they firing me based upon my religious beliefs, but that they would not hire or allow anyone to work at Shaw Media who holds religious beliefs similar to mine, which would include an automatic denial of any accommodation of those who share my sincerely held religious beliefs,” he added.

Neither Shaw Media nor the Newton Daily News have been willing to provide further comment to the press on the matter, citing pending litigation.

Matthew Whitaker, an attorney with Liberty Institute who is assisting Eschliman with his complaint, said the law is on his client’s side.

“No one should be fired for simply expressing his religious beliefs,” Whitaker said in a statement. “In America, it is against the law to fire an employee for expressing a religious belief in public.  This kind of religious intolerance by an employer has no place in today’s welcoming workforce.”

According to Whitaker, if the EEOC rules in Eschliman’s favor, Shaw Media could be forced to give him back pay, front pay, and a monetary settlement.

Pray the Rosary – Free Souls from Purgatory

Saint Louis de Montfort tells the story of a young girl of noble station named Alexandra, who had been miraculously converted and enrolled by St. Dominic in the Confraternity of the Rosary.

Click here for your Free Picture of Our Lady of Fatima

After her death, she appeared to him and said she had been condemned to seven hundred years in purgatory because of her own sins and those she had caused others to commit by her worldly ways. So she implored him to ease her pains by his prayers and to ask the Confraternity members to pray for the same end. St. Dominic did as she had asked.

Two weeks later she appeared to him, more radiant than the sun, having been quickly delivered from purgatory by the prayers of the Confraternity members. She also told St. Dominic that she had come on behalf of the souls in purgatory to beg him to go on preaching the Rosary and to ask their relations to offer their Rosaries for them, and that they would reward them abundantly when they entered into glory.

Click here for your Free Picture of Our Lady of Fatima

By Saint Louis de Montfort

Monday, July 28, 2014

A True Story: Of Convicts And Rosaries

America Needs Fatima receives a vast amount of correspondence from our members.

I have asked our organizer of correspondence to keep an eye out for their Stories of Mary and Stories of the Rosary in their lives when they share such things with us.

Here’s one such example…really inspiring of faith in Our Lady and her desire for us to pray her rosary and spread it, thus spreading devotion to her Immaculate Heart…God’s key reason for sending Mary to Fatima and His devotion of choice for bringing an end to the rule of sin in our world.

“One day, we saw the inmates starting to gather around the beds. We thought that something was about to happen for that’s what they do when a fight is about to break out. We alerted other officers and the group [of inmates] kept growing.”

…full story (a 3 minute read)

Pray a rosary in public. If you have not already signed up as a 2013 Public Square Rosary Rally captain to lead and pray for America at 12 noon, Saturday, October 12th, will you please pray on it?

A red rose will be placed at Fatima, Portugal, in your name.

It’s easy to do. All it takes is a few people praying the Rosary in a public place.

If you have not yet signed up, it’s so easy:

1)  MORE INFORMATION About Becoming a Rosary Rally Captain

2)  Sign-Up to become a Rosary Rally Captain

Thank you, and may God bless you!

P.P.S.  If you are unsure about becoming a Rosary Rally Captain and you would like to talk to someone about it, please get the very best help, advice, and suggestions from our pleasant and dedicated staff by calling: