Monday, March 31, 2008

Over 1,000 Americans protest lewd homosexual blasphemy at Diocesan Museum in Vienna, Austria...

There's still time to join in the protest.

To protest now, click here.

An unimaginable blasphemy shown at the Diocesan Museum of Vienna, Dommuseum, just across the street from the city’s magnificent Saint Stephen’s Cathedral is raising the ire of Catholics around the world.  The exhibit, titled: “Religion, Flesh and Power ” included an explicit portrayal of Our Lord and the Apostles at the Last Supper in the midst of a homosexual orgy.

It also included a naked crucifix and a scene of Our Lord’s scourging in which a naked torturer was performing an unspeakable act on His Body.

The worst of the exhibits were removed at the order of Cardinal Schönborn, however offensive depictions are still being displayed.

The artist responsible for the sacrilege is a self-avowed Marxist painter and sculptor named Alfred Hrdlicka.  When asked why he portrayed the Apostles engaged in homosexual acts, he flippantly replied: “There were no women around.”1 (Read the full story at:

In addition to the display’s horrendous content, Catholics are riled by its appearance at a diocesan museum.  “Both the content of this blasphemy and the place where it is being shown make it stand out amid other blasphemies we have protested,” TFP assistant web editor Michael Whitcraft,  “I honestly feel that creating a more offensive blasphemy would take a lot of imagination.  I can’t think of how it could be worse.”

Needless to say, this assault on Our Lord cannot go unanswered.  Catholics around the world must take a stand to defend His honor.  Now you can participate in an international protest and act of reparation. 

At the same time you send in your protest, the TFP sister organization in Austria will be holding a protest of their own.  Join forces now with Austrian Catholics! Let museum director Bernhard Böhler know (while firm, always be courteous) that Catholics across the Atlantic will not stand by in silence while their God is ridiculed at a diocesan museum. Mr. Bohler needs to apologize and resign. The museum's trustees should give assurances that such an offense will never occur at the Dommuseum again.

Here is all you have to do:

1. Pray for the success of this campaign and in reparation for this blasphemy.

2. Click here to send your instant protest email to museum director Bernhard Böhler.

3. Email this protest on to all your friends and family.


1. For more information, see:, or visit the museum website at:

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  1. Cardinal Schönborn has given a statement explaining his stand on the Hrdlicka Last Supper painting. The text is on the Reuters religion blog FaithWorld at