Thursday, July 28, 2011

Free booklets on Perfect Contrition for our brave armed forces personnel across the world (English and Spanish)

Perfect Contrition – English
Perfect Contrition – Spanish

I want to make this book readily available for free to all, but especially to the brave members of our armed forces spread all across the world. 

So, if you know someone in the armed forces who you think should receive a copy, please call us at 888-317-5571 and we will mail them a copy of Perfect Contrition!

Or, you could download it for free right now, by going here:

Perfect Contrition – English
Perfect Contrition – Spanish

This book is not a gimmick.  Trust it.  It is real.  It is the Golden Key to Heaven.

And it can open Heaven for you now, tomorrow, or at any other time in your life if you have had the misfortune to close it through mortal sin.

And why is this so important?  Here's just one example:

If someone you know is dying, and there is no priest at his or her side to hear their confession, you can help them to make an act of perfect contrition -- the dispenser of divine mercy at the hour of death.

Because perfect contrition could be the person's only hope to gain Heaven in some circumstances.

And by the grace of God, by an act of perfect contrition the golden doors of Heaven will be open to this person, even at his or her last hour.

Of course, the act of perfect contrition MUST be followed by sacramental confession at the very first opportunity, and before the person goes to receive Holy Communion. 

But all this is spelled our very clearly in the booklet Perfect Contrition: The Golden Key to Heaven.

So please learn all about it by taking advantage of my offer to get your free copy of this marvelous little book today.

Perfect Contrition – English
Perfect Contrition – Spanish

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  1. Thank you very much for this wonderful little booklet. I just finished reading it and intend to re-read it. May I have your permission to print out copies of it (leaving the 'America Needs Fatima' name, address, etc. on it)? Thanks again and God bless!