Sunday, December 18, 2011

Singer Rebecca St. James defends sexual purity and Tim Tebow on Fox’s Hannity

NEW YORK, December 16, 2011 ( – In an appearance on Fox News’ Sean Hannity this week, Grammy Award winning Christian singer Rebecca St. James defended the virtue of abstinence until marriage, as well as football star Tim Tebow, who has received considerable criticism from the left for his outspoken Christian faith and pro-life values.

The discussion was sparked by St. James’ latest book, What Is He Thinking? which espouses Christian values in dating.

Fellow “Hannity” co-chairs on the “Great American Panel” – political pundit and Fox anchor/correspondent Bob Beckel and actor turned Sirius XM radio host Jay Thomas - proved less than supportive of St. James’ beliefs. 

When it came to sex before marriage, Thomas said that he doesn’t “buy a car before driving it first,” suggesting that not sleeping with your future spouse could lead to complications in marriage. On the subject of Tebow, while expressing praise for the quarterback’s accomplishments and “attitude,” he quipped—“I have no interest in my sons being like Tim Tebow.”

“My kids would die of boredom if they were like Tim Tebow,” he said.

Hannity, who has personally endorsed St. James’ latest book, noted:  “Don’t we make fun of people that have good values?  If a guy tells you he’s 28 and still a virgin—you’re going to laugh at him!”

“That’s right,” retorted Thomas.

But St. James responded: “I’m sad for you that you’d laugh at him and I’m sad actually that you, as a parent, wouldn’t want Tim Tebow as a role model for your kids. I think most people that are watching tonight would want a Tim Tebow as a role model for their kids—he’s an outstanding young man with values and morals.”

To the skepticism of Beckle and Thomas in regards to saving sex for marriage, St. James said: “Can I just say that married sex – and I’ve never been with anyone else – is so cherishing and beautiful, and I’m glad I don’t have memories with anyone else, and I’m glad my husband doesn’t have anyone to compare me to. “

St. James commented on the outpouring of support she received following the show, saying that it was “affirming that Fox viewers are proving Christian values are still strongly supported in America.”

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