Friday, June 7, 2013

My 4th of July gift to you -- (better than 2-for-1)

America Needs Fatima gives you

a 25% discount on John Horvat’s

Return to Order

+ Plus +

Book Cover Image: Fatima, A Message More Urgent than Ever

a complimentary copy of

Fatima, A Message More Urgent than Ever

Get both books here and no-charge for shipping…

That’s over $20 in savings on just two books!

Worried about America?

Well, like no other book, Return to Order gives us pearls of wisdom to restore America.

The book talks about:

- America's providential mission

- Restoring a rule of honor

- Calling forth true leaders to solve our economic crisis

- Placing God back in the center of society

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In the words of former Attorney General of the United States, Hon. Edwin Meese III:

"Return to Order provides an interesting analysis of how the United States has departed from the spiritual, cultural, and economic precepts that supported the founding and the early history of our republic. It also sets forth valuable recommendations for restoring our society to its foundation of ordered liberty and traditional values."

And Archbishop John Ninestedt of Saint Paul and Minneapolis wrote:

"Return to Order suggests a practical pathway to avoid the economic and spiritual crises that are looming before us and, by means of religious conversion, reestablish a right order for human flourishing."

Exactly. Without order, human flourishing is impossible.

And that is why you will really enjoy reading Return to Order.

A 25% discount on Return to Order

See, with the 4th of July around the corner, I’m offering you a 25% discount on Return to Order. Plus you get a complimentary gift copy of Fatima, A Message More Urgent than Ever.

Fatima…tells the story of the Blessed Virgin Mary's appearance at Fatima in 1917 and subsequent messages to Sister Lucy. The whole truth about what Our Lady said at Fatima presented in 136 pages, richly illustrated in full color.

Shipping is on me.

Place your order here.

In fact, this offer is so special, that I must repeat:

For the next 24 hours, you get

  • 25% discount on Return to Order ($5.48 in savings)
  • complimentary copy of Fatima, A Message More Urgent than Ever (soft cover $8.95 value)
  • and shipping is on me…

That’s over $20 in savings!

It’s my way of wishing you a happy 4th of July.

But please hurry.

Extra Special Benefits of this July 4th Offer

There are NO limits on your order.

In other words, when you buy 10 copies of Return to Order at the 25% discount price, you also get 10 complimentary copies of Fatima, A Message More Urgent than Ever to go with them. (No charge for shipping).

But this exceptional offer expires 24 hours after this email was sent.

Place your order here.

Thank you.

PS -- If you want to call in your order by telephone, please call the phone number (888) 317-5571; international calls: (570) 861-8420.

Thank you, and may God bless you!

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