Thursday, September 5, 2013

Model Homosexual “Fathers” Update – Gasp…

In 2005, American born Mark Newton and his homosexual boyfriend Peter Truong travelled to Russia to adopt a five-day-old child for $8,000.

The boy has been named “Adam” for his protection.

According to, the couple was featured in a 2010 ABC (Australia Broadcasting Corporation) broadcast titled “Two Dads are Better than One” which described the three as “a happy, relaxed family.”

Unknown to ABC, the homosexual pair had been abusing their son since he was twenty-two months old and supplying footage to an international child-porn network called Boy Lovers.

Later, they began making him available to other members of the child-porn ring. Their flights to Germany, France and the United States coincided with footage of abuse by at least eight other men.

While only five, Adam was abused at his home over a dozen times in one month.

Mark was arrested in February, 2012. It took the prosecution over a week to review the videos.

No testimony was needed from the now eight year- old Adam. In July, Mark was sentenced toprison for forty years—the maximum sentence. Peter awaits prosecution in New Zealand.

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