Wednesday, October 9, 2013

“Communion​” Burgers

With Only A Few Days Before Our 11,247 Rosary Rallies, I Don’t Have Time To Set Up A Proper Protest, But

Will You Pray A Rosary Of Reparation?

I’ve been writing and helping to coordinate so many things lately in preparation for our 11,247 Rosary Rallies this coming Saturday at 12 noon local time (thanks be to Our Lady and all of you supporters in ANF’s family of souls!)

– well, I’ve run out of time to take care of all the late-breaking things….


“Communion” Burgers

Yes, that’s the moniker the mass media has assigned to this incident.

This recent addition to the unrelenting attacks on God and our Holy Catholic religion evidently doesn’t go so low as to qualify as a blasphemy or sacrilege, but it is nonetheless outrageously provoking, a great irreverence, and the sort of thing that can lead to people getting accustomed to joking about God’s Sacred things.

And so, I ask that you Pray A Rosary of Reparation for this great irreverence.

Can Our Lady count on you to make reparation for this great irreverence?  Make your “Yes!” official here.

May God bless you, your family, and America.

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  1. Maybe not a rosary. I say a all 3 mysteries every day for the conversion of my children. And am always asking God for His help in this world. I also ask all the saints and my special ones for help. And the BVM-- It will have to do.