Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Does God change? Does the truth change?

No -- the truth does not change to fit the ways of the world.

The truth is perennial.

That's why I think you'll really like this:

Vatican Condemnation of Homosexuality in 2003 -- Valid Then, Valid Now

It's a good refresher.

As the New Year approaches, I would like to thank you -- on behalf of the entire team of TFP Student Action volunteers -- for your outstanding help throughout 2014.

With your prayers and generous support, you helped us stand up for moral values on college campuses nationwide. Every prayer and every action counted. And I'm so glad and grateful to be able to count you among my friends who proclaim the truth, defend the unborn, and protect the sanctity of marriage.

Thank you so much.

We now have 144,000 students and parents involved in this spiritual crusade for the future of America.

However, the struggle for moral values in 2015 will be challenging for sure. To meet those challenges we must continue to band together and rely on the grace of God more than ever, for we have the unmerited privilege of serving the King of kings Whose victory over evil has already been assured: The gates of hell will never prevail.

May the Infant Jesus and His Holy Mother grant you and your family many graces this Christmas Season and New Year.

Again, thank you for fighting the good fight.

Feel free to share this statement of the Vatican against unnatural vice with others.

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