Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fire chief sacked by "tolerance" - Sign petition to reinstate him

The Christian Fire Chief of Atlanta, GA, Kelvin Cochran was sacked!


Because he publicly expressed the Biblical Truth that all sexual activity (including homosexual vice) outside of the sacred union of one man and one woman is sinful in God’s eyes.

Sign our petition to get Kelvin Cochran reinstated as Fire Chief of Atlanta, GA.


There’s a BIG persecution against Christians in America.

Especially if one publicly expresses belief that sexual sin, especially the unnatural vice of homosexuality, is objectively wrong.

The most recent victim of this growing persecution is the Fire Chief of Atlanta, GA, Kelvin Cochran. He was sacked!


Because he wrote a book that basically states how:

- sexuality is ordained for use in the sacred bond of marriage, between one man and one woman, for the procreation and education of children.

And that sexual activity outside of this sacred union is sinful in God’s eyes.
What’s wrong with that?

Sign our petition to support Chief Kelvin Cochran and get him reinstated as Fire Chief of Atlanta, GA.

It was these Christian beliefs on sexual morality, which Cochran expressed in his book and work place that got him fired. His statements angered some members of the Atlanta fire department, who complained to the Mayor Reed of Atlanta.

The Mayor first suspended Cochran without pay for the month of December. Cochran was then ordered to undergo “sensitivity” training.

On the day of his expected return to duty as Fire Chief, he was sacked. This is shocking!

God fearing Americans should speak out in support of Cochran’s reinstatement as Fire Chief of Atlanta.

That is why I ask you to sign this urgent petition to Atlanta Mayor Reed.

Petition to reinstate Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran.

When you sign this petition, you’ll be joining your name to thousands of others who want the Mayor of Atlanta to reinstate Kelvin Cochran as Fire Chief of Atlanta, GA.
And to issue him a public apology.

That’s the least you and I can do for this principled man, who has bravely upheld the truth and suffered as a consequence.

Don’t you wish that more Americans in leadership positions were as brave as Kelvin Cochran?


  1. Evil in the American Govt disguised as tolerance justifiying sin to cover it up our leaders have betrayed the American people to appease the sin they place above G-D's decrees because HE loves us HE sets the boundaries for humankind's behavior in order to spare humankind falling into the evil despair that leads to eternal death

  2. tomkellyevi@aol.comApril 9, 2015 at 1:56 PM

    The 30 year teacher being fired for her comments on facebook (or anyplace else) reminds me of Joan of Arc who was betrayed by the Church for "political expediency". Heaven help us if this continues unchallenged by the College of Cardinals and the Pope.

  3. Congratulations to Kevin for speaking up! Too often, we are fearful of the consequences of speaking TRUTH--which Mr Cochran did! I can relate; however, this is NOT about me. This man deserves an apology--in fact, he should be lauded for speaking up! I'm sure his family is supportive and they must be very proud of him. We Americans need more men like Mr Cochran!

  4. Unnatural? No. Actually, homosexuality occurs naturally among many different animal species. You know what isn't natural? Celibacy.

  5. HOW DARE YOU!!!!! Being gay is NOT a sin, its the way you live your life that leads to sin!!!!!! Being gay is not the sin, its sleeping around or cheating on your spouse that is!!!!

    Stop useing Gods name, ESPECIALLY our Holy Mothers name to back your hatred!!!!

    IM GAY! And i pray and have a strong faith in God and the Virgin Mary and have been blessed many times with blessings. Proof that God AND the Virgin Mary LOVE me, NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!!

    STOP THE HATE! God and the Virgin Mary have no hate, why cant you?