Saturday, December 27, 2008

"It is the most wonderful feeling to have Our Lady in one's home."

Recently, we have received several notes from hostesses of Our Lady's Pilgrim Statue in Louisiana and Pennsylvania.

           Our Lady.

    Comments such as the ones I am going to describe, only help to make my love for the Holy Family greater.  During Christmas we adore and think not only of the Child Jesus, but we also reflect upon Our Lady, St. Joseph, the angels, the shepherds, the magi, and even the animals who adored the God-Man.  Of course of all who participated someway in the Nativity, Our Lady comes first and foremost to our minds and hearts.  It was her fiat that made the Incarnation and Nativity possible. 

    I hope that some of these comments will warm your hearts as they do mine.  Our Lady is not only the Mother of Christ, but our mother as well, which particularly ties in with the Holy Season of Christmas.

    One of our hostesses in Pennsylvania wrote that she had read and was familiar with the Fatima story, but that our audiovisual presentation made it come alive for her. Her only regret was that more of her family and friends didn't attend the visit.

    Another hostess from Louisiana wrote, "thank you for allowing Our Lady to come to my home, we were all so happy to receive such an honor".  She was also moved by receiving the free photo of Our Lady's Pilgrim statue. She wrote that she plans on being buried with that picture in her hands.

    A hostess from Pennsylvania wrote how after the visit, she and her guests sat around and talked about how magnificent it all was and how they all sensed that Our Lady was with them.

    Another hostess from Louisiana wrote that they considered the visit to be far more than they expected and described the visit as a, "most blessed occasion". 

    And finally, a hostess from Pennsylvania wrote this, "it was awesome"!  "I cannot describe the wonderful feeling that the visit from Our Lady gave to me."  She also wrote that her guests did not really know what to expect, but that they all left thrilled with the evening and were very happy that they came.  Finally she closed with this suggestion:  "please keep taking the statue into the homes, it is the most wonderful feeling to have Our Lady in one's home". 

    If you would be interested in having Our Lady visit your home with all of Her accompanying graces then please call our scheduling office at 888 460 - 7371.

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  1. I too have experienced a major turning towards the Fatima message as never before! Our Lady really and truly was present and left us a special remembrance of her visit!
    I have sent it to you Mr. Ritchie and pray you have received it. I sent it at the end of November or the beginning of December, Please look for it. It is a cd of the pictures of Our Lady's Pilgrim Virgin statue appearing "real" as if a person standing before you!
    It came from me, Jacqueline Stutmann, in Rome, NY addressed directly to you in PA