Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Battle won – but the spiritual war to protect children in Montana continues…

A temporary victory was gained in our protest to stop the Montana School Board, Helena district, from allowing that young school children be taught about homosexual sin, and that this sin was normal and OK.

The vote was moved back from August 10 to September 15.


But it is still very important that you:

Send your e-protest today

to the Montana Public School Board of Trustees!


Because of this news.  It is from their website:

“With nearly 3,000 public comments lodged to the district, the executive committee and superintendent opted to postpone taking action on the draft curriculum at its Aug. 10 meeting and focus their attention on the district budget, which legally must be approved by Aug. 15.

“Instead, the draft curriculum - and the community's comments - will be sent back for revision to members of the same committee that drafted it.

“The committee will take into consideration the testimony and written comments; look at the document as a whole, but more specifically the human sexuality portion and its age appropriateness; and work on a companion document to be presented to the board of trustees Sept. 14.”

So, we have more time to get more people to keep on sending peaceful protest messages to the School Board in Montana.

It’s vital that we continue to show our respectful yet total opposition to the new “health curriculum” that teaches children that  homosexual sin to okay and normal. They cannot think that because they changed the date of the vote that we went to “sleep.”

Send your e-protest today

to the Montana Public School Board of Trustees!

Or, write your own message to:

Montana School Board of Trustees, Helena District, Chair and Vice Chair

Michael O'Neil, Chair
Work Phone: (406) 449-3120
E-Mail: oneil_michael@msn.com

Aidan Myhre,  Vice Chair
E-Mail: myhre@bresnan.net

School Superintendent
Dr. Bruce K. Messinger
Work Phone: (406) 324-2001
E-Mail: bmessinger@helena.k12.mt.us

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