Monday, October 18, 2010

Colorado Springs Rosary Rally

2010-thru (2)

This is a photo from the CO Springs - Memorial Park Rosary Rally.

I heard there was also a Rosary Rally (about 20 people) at Corpus Christi Church - organized by Marge Knight, plus another one - neither of which was listed at the "America Needs Fatima" Web site.


Plus, there’s more news items about the rosary rallies can be seen here:

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  1. It's a satire, you have no right interjecting your religion on a public play. In Lakewood Colorado, protesters working under your foundations name, attempted to stop a play because it hosted a satirical view of Jesus Christ. Not everyone believes in Jesus, and even as a follower of the good Lords teachings, I am offended at the behavior of your organization. Jesus would not have made a public staging about the play, and you have no place trying to stop it because you disagree with it. I disagree with animals being sold, in pet stores, but that doesn't give me the right to go tell a store how to run it's business. My example, as well as the behavior of your followers, is down right conceited, vain, self-satisfied, self-centered, self-absorbed, egocentric, self-important, pompous, and arrogant. Shame on you.