Monday, October 18, 2010

Great Story from a rosary rally

Here is a great story that happened at our Rosary Rally this Saturday.  A young man  maybe 18 to 21 years old pulled over and asked us to teach him how to say the Rosary. 

He was Catholic and knew all of the prayers but did not know how to say the Rosary.  So we taught him.  He stayed there with us and said the entire Sorrowful mysteries with us.  He left with a Rosary and a small booklet explaining it. 

It was very inspiring  to see that, especially in the youth.

It proved to me that every soul yearns for Christ--and the importance of being a witness for Christ.

At any rate,  we decided to do this every 1st Saturday.

Hopefully it will grow and the world will be converted through the Rosary and Our Ladies powerful intercession.  Praise God in the Highest!  Praise His Holy name!"



  1. Wow that is beautiful and amazing! Many blessings and graces through Mother Mary's intercession.

  2. wow. . . .made me cry. . .a beautiful story of something so simple can lead to small miracles everywhere. . thanks for the story and thanks for the inspiration!