Saturday, August 27, 2011

John Knox intensely hated the Blessed Virgin Mary, just like all other heretics

The recent posts on the hatred for the Blessed Virgin Mary by  famous heretics such as Henry VIII and Calvin has drawn a higher than normal readership to them.

So, let’s take a look at John Knox.

He was an apostate Catholic priest who was instrumental in establishing the new Protestant church in Scotland in the 16th century, and in getting Scotland to abandon the One True Catholic Faith.

One can sum up Knox’s heresy is these his own words:

“No pope, no purgatory, no prayers for the dead, no mass, no saints, no bishops, in Scotland.”

Others have said of him: “Others snipped at the branches of Popery, but he took an axe to the root, to destroy the whole.”

Did he also hate the Blessed Virgin Mary?

Knox’s mentor, George Wishart, had a great hatred for Our Lady and preached often against veneration of the Most Blessed Virgin.

Historians register that devotion to Our Lady was the thing that Knox most hated in the Catholic Church. 

In one case, instead of venerating an image of the Virgin Mary on a French ship were he was captive, Knox threw her into the ocean. “She is light enough.  Let Our Lady now save herself!” he said.

In May 1559, Knox gave a sermon in the city of Perth.  His  sermon against Catholic practices and devotions so incited the congregation that they left the sermon and started to smash images, statues, and crucifixes.

Unfortunately, Scotland suffers from the influence of Knox’s terrible hatred for Our Lady and the Catholic Faith until today. 

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