Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Enthusiasm grows as 2011 Public Square Rosary Crusade nears goal of 7,000 rallies

Enthusiasm is growing by leaps and bounds as the Public Square Rosary Crusade nears  its goal of 7,000 rallies scheduled for Saturday, October 15, at noon local time in locations all across America.

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As of yesterday, and thanks to Our Lady, there are 6,783 rallies scheduled so far.

So, the Public Square Rosary Crusade is closing on on its goal of 7,000 rallies.

According to Mr. Francis Slobodnik, the leader of the America Needs Fatima rosary crusade office in Rossville, Kansas, “at the rate we’re growing, we should probably cross the 7,000 mark early next week.”

Last year, America Needs Fatima coordinated 5,963 rosary rallies in the public square asking Our lady to intervene and to save our country from so many moral and political problems.

A good number of Americans are starting to realize that without lasting moral and spiritual solutions, there are NO solutions for America’s economic and political troubles.

The solution for America’s growing problems is fully contained in Our Lady of Fatima’s message, which will be proclaimed in more than 7,000 town squares on October 15.

May Our Lady send abundant graces on October 15 so that our public prayer and action will serve as a tool to touch countless souls and bring as many as possible to practice the Fatima message and the Catholic faith in its entirety.

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