Monday, April 16, 2012

Do You Need Advice On Any Subject?

Pray the Novena to Our Lady of Good Counsel

     Pray the novena (April 18-26) to Our Lady of Good Counsel of Genazzano with absolute trust, since countless miracles and prodigies are worked by this stunning image.   

     About one such miracle, Father Dillon writes:

     “From this picture then, She spoke to him [St. Aloysius Gonzaga] not once, but many times; comforting him in his troubles, confirming him in his vocation, and giving him, it is said, a thousand expressions of her Maternal tenderness.  No wonder he should become a saint, and a great one.”

     Again Father Dillon:

     “What he experienced is simply that which is experienced, though perhaps in a less miraculous way, by all who approach the wonderful original. Thousands tell how Mary there seems to speak to them, to unravel the secrets of their hearts, to show them the future, to guide them in their course through life, to defend them against every danger of soul and body; in a word, to repay their devotion and love a hundred, aye, and a hundred thousand fold.”

     I know this to be absolutely true because I myself have received amazing and completely unexpected graces by praying this novena to Our Lady of Good Counsel.  

     It is then, with a heart full of gratitude to Our Lady, that I urge you, for the love of your soul, to pray the Novena to Our Lady of Good Counsel of Genazzano.

     You won’t be disappointed. And don’t be shy in what you ask for!

     Please read the true story about this egg-thin fresco that crossed the Adriatic Sea in 1467 and is still suspended in air today in Genazzano, Italy.

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