Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday, The Holy Face, And Communism -- Meditation

“You Cannot Comprehend
The Malice Of This Sin.”

Were My Justice not restrained by My Mercy, it would
instantly crush the guilty. All creatures, even those that are inanimate, would avenge My outraged honor, but I have an
eternity in which to punish them.1

(Our Lord’s words about blasphemy.)

The Holy Face Of Jesus –Taken from the Shroud of Turin

-----“Eternal Father, I offer Thee the adorable Face of Thy Beloved Son Jesus for the honor and glory of Thy Name, for the conversion of sinners, and the salvation of the dying.”

-----“Oh, Jesus, through the merits of Thy Holy Face, have pity on us and on the whole world.”

As Our Lord made His way up to Calvary, there was a touching scene. A woman, powerless to stop the injustice, simply offered her veil as an act of compassion. Our Lord gratefully accepted the cloth to wipe His bruised and bloody face.

With the Savior’s face miraculously stamped on her veil, she would come to be known simply as Veronica, from the words “Vera Icon” or true image. Her compassionate gesture inspired a devotion to the Holy Face of our Redeemer that has continued throughout the Church’s history.
Venerable Leo Dupont

The greatest development of the devotion to the Holy Face was seen in the turbulent nineteenth century because of the efforts of a wealthy lawyer named Leo Dupont.

One day, Mr. Dupont was approached by Prioress Mother Mary of the Incarnation regarding an occurrence in her convent that would change his life. She was the prioress of the Carmel in Tours, France, and was puzzled by Our Lord’s revelations to Sister Marie Pierre, one of her young novices. …[full article]

I never knew some of the things in this article. Perhaps you too haven’t heard of them.

May Our Crucified and soon to be risen Redeemer bless you and His New Vicar, and His entire Mystical Body; asking for special attention for our country.

Read another important article about a current blasphemy.

1. Dorothy Scallan, The Holy Man of Tours (Rockford, Ill.: TAN Books and Publishers, Inc., 1990), p. 126.

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