Wednesday, April 23, 2014

"Drag Show" at Catholic USD Takes Satanic Turn: 14,700 Protest the Scandal

By James Bascom

Scandal at the University of San Diego

More than 14,700 concerned students and parents signed the TFP Student Action e-protest, calling for the cancelation of a pro-homosexual "drag show" at the Catholic University of San Diego.  However, despite the large outcry of peaceful opposition, university officials decided to support the April 10 "drag show" on campus, which this year took a satanic turn.

According to a report published by the Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund, the 2014 drag show featured a professional transvestite and open homosexual who performed for Catholic students in satanic dress, with horns, while extolling the choice of evil over good.  As he lip-synced the words to the song "Good N' Evil" by Linda Eder, the crowd cheered wildly.

Read about the offensive song:

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