Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Young Catholics Not Welcome at Notre Dame

Police interrupt event for true marriage at the University of Notre Dame
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Before I tell you about our eventful visit to Notre Dame…

…I wanted to let you know that TFP Student Action volunteers just wrapped up a successful 7-day tour for God's marriage in three states -- Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

What a week.

Twenty-three young and dynamic volunteers banded together to champion the cause of true marriage — the union of 1 man and 1 woman. And dozens of peaceful grassroots demonstrations were held in the public square complete with bagpipes, banners and signs.

Americans everywhere — from all walks of life — responded with bold expressions of enthusiastic support for traditional marriage as the tour rolled forward from city to city.

But, believe me, liberal campuses are a different story.

For example:

At Penn State University, anti-family activists yelled and ripped up our fliers. Most of it is on video.

So take a look at this short video & report from Penn State

You'll notice a woman screaming:

"Shame on your definition of marriage."

Students at the University of Notre Dame were more friendly. And thanks to a student organization on campus, a table was booked for us to promote natural marriage, which fully agrees with Catholic teaching.

But it didn't take long for same-sex "marriage" activists to come out and bitterly complain. Get this: They said our banner, "God's marriage = 1 man + 1 woman" was offensive...

Offensive? Really?

And to our surprise, the conversation about the importance of marriage was cut short when police officers arrived to inform us that our approval to have a table wasn't official enough. "You only have permission for the table," they said, "not the people with the table."

Read more about it here:

Young Catholics Not Welcome at Notre Dame

If you want to weigh in for the cause of true marriage, please consider posting your thoughts in the comments section of this biased story published yesterday in The Observer, Notre Dame's student newspaper.

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During one of our stops in Stow, Ohio, a young bully in favor of same-sex "marriage" tried to pick a fight. The scene was caught on video as he got in our faces and screamed all sorts of foul things.

You can watch that video here

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support.

And let's continue to fight the good fight together -- for marriage, for moral values and the future of America.

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