Monday, September 15, 2014

I have terrible news to report to you

   Here’s the terrible news:

   On September 21, at 7 PM, in Oklahoma City, at the Oklahoma City Civic Center, a Satanic ‘Black Mass’ will be performed.

   And since you are a special devotee of Our Lady I’m sure you will understand why we must oppose this Satanic event!

My friend, public sin demands public reparation.

   For that reason, we are going to bring people from all over America to rally at the Oklahoma City Civic Center.

   This is going to be a powerful and public act of reparation to God Almighty before and during the ritual of the Satanic Black Mass.

Perhaps you can join us!

   But even if you can’t join us… then perhaps you can send a special gift, because we are facing serious financial costs in order to send dozens of full-time volunteers and others to Oklahoma City. Can I count on your financial help?

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   For example, just to fly one volunteer from our headquarters in Pennsylvania to Oklahoma City costs $487. Not to mention the cost of food and lodging after they arrive in Oklahoma.

   Maybe you can sponsor half the cost of one ticket for a volunteer to fly to Oklahoma, which would be a gift of $243.

   If God has blessed you recently, maybe you can send $487, which would cover the full amount for one ticket. How wonderful that would be!

   But whatever is the size of your gift, I know that the Blessed Mother will smile upon you and bless you in many ways.

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   As you know, America Needs Fatima is moving people from all across America to join our prayer rally that will be done right in front of the Civic Center, where the black mass will take place.

   For example, we’re working on chartering three buses to take our rosary rally volunteers from Kansas to Oklahoma City and back.

   These time-tested children of Mary are key to the rally’s success…they know how to hold a beautiful rally in a holy, peaceful and legal manner.

   But just to charter one bus costs $2,500.

   Maybe you can help sponsor the full cost of one 56 passenger bus with a gift of $2,500.

   Or maybe you can send a donation to cover the trip of three volunteers on the bus to Oklahoma City with a gift of $134 ($45 each).

   You see, if everyone who gets this email will sponsor the trip of just one volunteer, or part of one round trip ticket to Oklahoma City, we will be in great shape to finance this growing pilgrimage of prayer and penance.

   I sure hope you can!

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   Listen: a black mass is pure hatred against Almighty God and His Holy Catholic Church.

   It is meant to desecrate, mock, and insult the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

   Can we just turn our backs when the person of Our Lord Jesus Christ is going to be attacked in a most vile and unspeakable manner?

   Absolutely not!

   That’s why I am asking you if you can support our pilgrimage of prayer and penance.

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   I warn you: to invite Satan into one of our American cities is a terrible sin that brings devils to the earth and provokes God to withdraw His graces and blessings.

   And when public buildings open their doors to a Satanic Black Mass that offends God so deeply, we must ask:

   “Are we still one nation under God?”

   So here’s what is going to happen on that day of terrible blasphemy, September 21.

First of all:

   Archbishop Coakley has invited Catholics, Christians, and all people of good will to join him in prayer for a Eucharistic Holy Hour at 3 pm, at the St. Francis of Assisi Church, 1901 NW 18th, Oklahoma City, followed by an outdoor Procession and Benediction.

   Then, at 5PM our America Needs Fatima Act of Reparation will take place at the Civic Center.

   Our standards will be flying in the wind!
   Our band will be playing.
   And we will be praying, singing and offering reparation.

   Remember, it is our constitutional right. And I promise you, our rally will be peaceful and legal.

   I hope and pray that you will support us as generously as you possibly can.

We must go to Oklahoma City and make reparation for this enormous sin. We can do nothing less.

   And since you are a special devotee of Our Lady I’m sure you will help us oppose this Satanic event!

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    When public buildings open their doors and allow a Satanic Black Mass that offends God so deeply…

We cannot…

We must not…

We will not… remain silent.

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  1. You should also post that EWTN will have an hour of reparation with the exposed Blessed Sacrament at 8:00pm Sunday eve.