Monday, September 1, 2014

Protest this vile blasphemy against the Sacred Person of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Will you allow me to mail the protest below in your name?

Here’s what’s happening:

On October 14 – just a few weeks from now -- Breaking Glass Pictures will begin distributing in America a documentary film that promotes the terrible blasphemous play Corpus Christi.
Listen -- this film tells about what happened when the blasphemous play was traveling around the country during the 6-year span 2005 – 2011 – when we were protesting against it.

And it portrays protestors like you and I as hate-filled bigots.

While at the same time it tries to prove that the blasphemous play itself is all about “love and compassion.”

We can’t just sit down and shut up about that!  We must peacefully protest…

…because, remember, in its original version, the play shows in graphic detail:

  • “Our Lord” passionately kissing “Apostles”
  • “Our Lord” viciously striking a female actress
  • “Our Lord performing a marriage between two homosexual men

So – will you allow me to send the following Protest Petition to Breaking Glass Pictures, in your name?

Here is the Protest:

Attention: Rich Wolff, CEO, Co-President; and Richard Ross, Co-President, Breaking Glass Pictures

I strongly protest against your distribution of the documentary which promotes the blasphemous play Corpus Christi in which a Christ-like figure reportedly has sexual relations with his apostles,

The Person of Jesus Christ is Sacred and untouchable. To portray Him as a homosexual, or even to insinuate it, is an unspeakable blasphemy which I reject with all my soul.

I ask you to immediately cancel the planned release and distribution of this documentary and to offer a public apology to Our Lord Jesus Christ and to all God fearing Americans.

That’s it, and I repeat:  we cannot just sit down and shut up.  And we cannot let the precious name of our Lord be dragged down into homosexual sin.

That’s why I’m asking you to

Click Right Here.

And if you will, I will mail the above petition immediately.  Your protest will be peaceful but firm.  And you’ll feel good about it.

I thank you very much. Without folks like you I fear to imagine that the terrible blasphemies could spread across America.

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