Thursday, December 10, 2015

I went shopping and was shocked with how people struggle to say “Merry Christmas”

Christmas Campaign Central

   I just went shopping and once again was shocked with how many people are struggling with saying Merry Christmas. I almost had to beg the clerk to wish me Merry Christmas.

   It is absolutely CRAZY!

   Let me ask you this. Did you read what happened in Paris last month? And all the subsequent reports?  Have you heard the reports that have come out regarding the San Bernardino killings?

   These are rhetorical questions because I know you have. So let me put this to you: fanatical Islamic people are getting more radical and bloodier by the minute and there is even a supposed fight between Al Qaeda and ISIS…  ISIS accuses Al Qaeda of being too soft.

   I guess they don’t decapitate as many people or something…

   But my point is this. While all this is going on, we here in America are becoming less Christian. We are giving up our Faith.

   I happen to have some Italian blood in me and I feel like crying out from the rooftops: WE CAN’T EVEN SAY MERRY CHRISTMAS ANYMOOOOOOOORE!

   Why do some store owners feel the need to forbid their employees of saying Merry Christmas? Because we are going to offend someone? Or because they fear losing some business?

   Are we selling Jesus for 30 pieces of silver or what?

   Anyway… I personally believe that if a store owner would put a sign outside that read, “In this store we wish our customers Merry Christmas” I believe they would get even more business.

   ....but this whole thing only makes America weaker. This is why we must fight for Christmas. Click and see what you can do:

Christmas Campaign Central

   I came across a poem which I think will help drive the point home. I know I am preaching to the choir here but wanted to share it with you. It is an inscription in an old Cathedral in Germany, city of Lubeck.

You call Me Master and obey me not,

You call Me Light and see Me not,

You call Me Way and walk Me not,

You call Me Life and desire Me not,

You call Me wise and follow Me not,

You call Me fair and love Me not,

You call Me rich and ask Me not,

You call Me eternal and seek Me not,

You call Me gracious and trust Me not,

You call Me noble and serve Me not,

You call Me mighty and honor Me not,

You call Me just and fear Me not,

If I condemn you, blame Me not.

   Evil wins when good men do nothing! We must fight the war to defend Christmas and Christianity.

   And here is why, a) because it does make a difference. Without knowing it we can have a real impact on others, b) we glorify God and show Him by our actions that we truly love Him.

   It is always important to be very calm, peaceful and respectful in the way we do things; but one good word at the right moment can make a big difference.

   I invite you to visit our Christmas Campaign Central page.  Many have found it to be a source of ideas and inspiration.

Christmas Campaign Central – Click here

   Meanwhile, a loud and clear Merry Christmas to you. May Jesus and Mary protect you and protect our country from terrorists and pagans alike! 

   I wish you a Christmas filled with blessings and lots of cheer.

   In the times we live, Christmas comes as a break from all the modern madness, a time when we remember and experience that in Christ we find the peace, the joy and the love that our souls long for and which the world knows not!

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