Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Please Sign Petition Against Brutal Desecration of Holy Eucharist

The online video sharing site YouTube allows videos of brutal attacks on the Holy Eucharist.
   Perhaps the worst is: How To Desecrate the Host 1: Butane Torch
  • 14 seconds in, it assures the viewer:
“Real host acquired from a Catholic Church”
   It shows a host being held in a needle-nose plier while an off-screen person lights a butane torch and thoroughly burns the host to a crisp.
   It was posted on YouTube by user name HostDesecrator. Can such a name leave any doubt as to the author’s intentions? I think not.
   Is this not pure malice…silent, brutal, and straight-to-the-point?

This protest is now over!  Thank you for your participation.

1 comment:

  1. Butane! torch! The person previewed his punishment in heel! Eternity! never ends.