Friday, January 30, 2009

Our Lady gives Her faithful servant the grace to hold the Infant Jesus

Year: 1594.  Day: February 2.  Place: Quito, Ecuador. 

Mother Mariana was praying in the high choir.  Prostrate with her forehead touching the floor, she implored help for her community and mercy for the sinful world.

                  Our Lady 2

She then heard a sweet voice calling her name. Rising quickly, she beheld a most beautiful lady in an aura of light. On her left arm she held the Child Jesus and on her right a crosier of the purest gold adorned with such precious stones as are not to be found on this earth.

“Who art thou, beautiful lady?” she asked, “and what dost thou wish? Dost thou not know that I am but a poor nun, filled with love for God, true, but suffering and tried to the utmost?”

The lady answered: “I am Mary of Good Success, the Queen of Heaven and Earth.  Precisely because you are a religious soul full of love for God and for His Mother who now speaks to you, I have come from heaven to sooth your burdened heart.”

Then the Mother of God showed her how her prayers and penances pleased God. She explained that she held the golden crosier in her right hand because she wished to govern the convent herself, and that the devil would do all in his power to destroy the convent by means of some ungrateful daughters of hers dwelling there.

“He will not attain his goal,” she continued, “because I am the Queen of Victories and the Mother of Good Success. Under this invocation I wish, in the centuries to come, to perform miracles for the preservation of this, my convent, and its inhabitants.

“Until the end of the world I will have holy daughters, heroic souls, in the obscure life of their convent, who, suffering persecutions and slanders from within their own community, will be much loved by God and His Mother… Their lives of prayer, penance, and sacrifice will be extremely necessary in all times. After having spent their lives unknown to all, they will be called to heaven to occupy an exalted throne of glory.”

She then revealed to Mother Mariana that hers would be a long and suffering life, but she bid her never lose courage.

Saying this, she placed the Infant Jesus in the humble virgin’s arms. Clasping Him tightly to her heart, Mother Mariana felt the strength to suffer all for His honor and glory and the good of souls.

Our Lady was to appear several times to Mother Mariana under the title of the Mother of Good Success. During some of these apparitions she prophesied many things about the twentieth century.

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