Friday, February 27, 2009

Chaiten volcano erupts again...


Last week, the Chaiten volcano erupted again.

According to Wikopedia:

"On February 19 2009, a partial dome collapse caused pyroclastic flows to descend through the Chaitén river valley reaching down to approximately 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) from the town of Chaitén.[23] The ash once again reached Futaleufú and parts of Chubut province in neighboring Argentina. The approximately 160 people that were in Chaitén were strongly urged to leave, and all but 25 people who refused to leave were evacuated that day."

However, I was surprised to read this in yesterday's Mercurio: 

"SANTIAGO.- The presidential delegate in Chaitén, Paul Narváez, stated today that the government hopes to have basic facilities available within three months at the city's new location, in the Santa Bárbara sector."

So, the Chilean government wants to rebuild the town of Chaiten 6 miles away from the volcano, in an area away from the danger zone of the volcano.

Is that safe?


Photo from: macha chile / Javier Rubilar "Cortesía de mi Viejo Carlitos".

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