Friday, February 27, 2009

Some letters and comments from America Needs Fatima members...

May God Bless you for your work and for letting people know what’s going on.  If I didn’t belong to America Needs Fatima, I wouldn’t know anything.

Sacred Statue - Christmas OLGS (116)

I had the Fatima statue at my house.  I can’t explain what an honor and happy occasion it was.  My niece came. She was very ill with cancer.  She passed away a month later.  Our Blessed Mother helped her and her family by her visit to my house.

Please pray for her (Suzanne).  She left behind three children.
Suzanne’s family is grieving now, but Our Lady of Fatima helped so much. Her visit was timely.
— J.G., New Haven, Conn.


I found Crusade Magazine very interesting, unlike other Catholic magazines which can get so lost in technical theology, such as
“Catholic Apologetics.”

After glancing at the blasphemy article by Robert Ritchie, I mailed in a second donation. It’s so fashionable to ridicule Christians, whereas if it were minorities or Jews, the
politically correct would not dare for fear of being labeled racist or anti-Semitic.

I also glanced at “The Enemy Within.” I was one of those who saw the collapsing of the WTC as a display of God’s anger against us for
polluting the world with Hollywood’s garbage.

— T.D., Milwaukee


I am a sixteen-year-old high school student who wishes to grow as a Catholic, help out my community, and have something to
do. Can you please send me a letter on what I can do as a Catholic to fulfill these needs.

— S.N., New York, N.Y.


I appreciate your timely reply. I subscribe to your magazine and always look forward to receiving it, and that’s where I first read of
you. I also receive e-mail from your organization on a regular basis. Your work is of tremendous benefit to America. Please continue your great work.
— M.R., by email

Thank you for the lovely pictures I received of our Blessed Mother enclosed in your mailing and especially the latest titled
“Look Into These Maternal Eyes,” which is truly inspiring.
— J.S., Lawrence, Ma.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------I was very impressed on receiving the Prince of Peace in my home. How beautiful He is. He inspires me with more faith, peace,
and love. Every one in the family loves Him and asks His Blessings.
— A.D., Flushing, N.Y.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for addressing this issue. I have stopped buying Disney products a year ago when I first became aware of their stand
on homosexuality.

— L.E., Mico, Tex.


Thank you so much for the beautiful calendar you sent me last year. I am hoping you can send another this year. Your letters and inspirational messages mean so much to me.

There is a book called “The Book of Confidence” that you published. I would greatly appreciate it if you would send it to me.
— P.H., Miami


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