Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Amazing Video of Eucharistic Miracle in Argentina

Please watch the entire video.

It shows that the Eucharist is Our Lord.   It's scientific! 

This is why ANF-TFP always protest videos on YouTube that show Eucharistic desecrations and also why we promote acts of public reparation against the blasphemies perpetrated against Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament.


  1. thank you for this post!

    i am a priest and it makes me appreciate more my minsitry in the altar of God.

  2. Your explanation on the miracle of Host in Argentina, has been very touching and I hope that many more people who read your explanation would be strengthen their faith in the Lord Jesus and the Blessed Sacrament of the Order and in the Sacred species of Bread and Wine, consecrated by a priest at the Mass on the altar. God bless! Bring the message to the world! More power to the Lord Jesus.

  3. I believe Christ is present in the Host. But I have not been able to get emotional about it as some do. I have read where some hosts have bled, but still no emotion. Until now.
    And He LIVES in our bodies when we take Him!!
    I have many questions because our bodies dissolve food from saliva and stomach acids and then go into the blood stream. And does the Lord STAY with us? And those of us who take communion every day/week become more and more of Jesus? This is dumbfounding! We should want more and more of this mircale food!

  4. Just to add a technical point. Heart muscle cells - grown from adult stem cells - actually 'beat'. They move and apparently this motion results in the 'beat' of the fully constructed heart. So, it is interesting that the host cells have this property also. This property appears to add to the discovery.

  5. This touched my heart to the point of tears and contrition but I also think of the archdiocese here in which everyone, irrespective of their religion or moral standinjg before society and God and the Church may receive Holy Communion. I fear a possible retribution might fall on our nation, Australia; so please pray for a rescinding of this policy.

    1. I see your point , Paul warns us about recieving the sacrament without a proper disposition eats and drinks judgement on themselves.

  6. I believe miracles can happen, but I'm skeptical of findings by scientists who seem to specialize in researching miracles and then sell books and lecture about it. This guy reminds me of a used car salesman. They need to publish the details of the experiments and make them available to the public and have more objective scientists examine the sample.

  7. Until i heard this from a retreat that I realized how i've taken the sacrament for granted and I'm sure a lot of us so called perceived Catholics. My God has opened my heart and mind!