Friday, July 17, 2009

The story of a brave rosary rally captain

    A brave rosary rally captain from 2008, who is now signed up to become a rally captain this 2009 shared with one of our volunteers an incredible story.

    When she arrived at her location, at the front of a movie theater, (what better place to offer reparation), she found herself alone.  That did not stop her.  She tied her banner that she had brought with her between two posts, and in one hand she held a crucifix and in another hand she held her rosary.  She completed the rally entirely by herself.  At the end of the rally the police arrived and told her she would have to move.  That was not a problem as she had just completed her rally.

    This captain is an example of the kind of bravery shown by our rally captains who overcome all human respect out of their love for Our Lady.

    To sign up to become a rally captain please go to or you can call one of our volunteers toll free at (866) 584 - 6012.

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  1. This story will make my mom feel better. She and only 4 other people showed up for the Rosary Rally a year or so ago in Paterson NJ. She felt badly that others didn't take the call seriously.