Thursday, September 24, 2009

Help these ladies reach the goal of 4,000 rally captains for Our Lady

Here is a photo of our latest volunteers. 


They are an extremely enthusiastic group.  Since they have arrived and joined the other dynamic volunteers, they arrive each morning full of joyous zeal for the public square rosary.  Some set concrete goals for themselves.  They want so very much to present Our Lady with 4,000 rally captains.

    From the left they are Mrs. Corrine Alstatt from San Bernardino, Ca, Mrs. Zeolita Cabrera from Bergen Field, NJ, Mrs. Loretta Russell from Fort Wayne, In and finally, from far away, Mrs. Helen Maslyk from Wasilla, Alaska.

    Time is running out.   If you have been thinking about become a public square rosary rally captain, now is the time to call.  Please help these good ladies reach their goals for Our Lady. 

Please call (866) 584 - 6012 today.

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