Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Please join us in thanking the Blessed Mother for 4,000+ rosary rallies

    Yesterday, Monday, September 28th on the Feast Day of St. Wenceslaus we enlisted our 4,000th rally captain for the public square rosary!

    All day the volunteer office has been busy with the phones ringing.  The total quickly rose until the evening when 4,000 was reached.

    The 4,000th rally captain was entered by assistant manager Mr. Chris Pierce.  The rally captain was enlisted by longtime TFP supporter and member of America Needs Fatima, Mr. Sergio DePaz of Miami, FL.  Mr. DePaz among other dedicated volunteers throughout the country, has, with great dedication, signed up numerous rally captains in his area.  We just received them in the mail today.

    The 4,000th rally captain is Mrs. Isabel Ruiz of Miami, Florida.

    Let us thank Our Lady for granting this.  It is no small feat to enlist 4,000 public square rosary rally captains.  It would not have been possible without the volunteers who have traveled to a place where they have never been to before, to place themselves in the care of people whom they have never met before.  This testimony of their love for Our Lady has transmitted into ardent action on Her behalf.

    We also have to be thankful to those who designed and who maintain the web, the computer system, the phone system, the shipping department and the correspondence department. 

    Of course without Our Lady's grace none of this would be possible.  In prayer, let us continue to thank Her, but also thank Her by our deeds in either signing up to become a rally captain, or thank Her by persevering despite obstacles, and having the best public square rosary that we can.

    If you wish to offer Our Lady thanks by becoming a rally captain it is not too late.  You can do so by calling (866) 584 - 6012.

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