Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rosary Rally Captain Denied Permission to Pray On Common

Blatant contradiction in media’s coverage of 7,515 rosary rallies on October 15. 

While the media largely ignored the 7,515 rosary rallies organized by TFP-America Needs Fatima in town squares all across the country, the Boston Herald carried this story about one Rosary Rally Captain who was denied permission to pray on the Uptown common.

“The father of two went to the town’s three selectmen last month with a simple request: to hold a peaceful prayer vigil on the town common. It was supposed to be part of about 7,500 “rosary rallies” held nationwide by America Needs Fatima, a nonprofit Catholic group.

“The selectmen put their feet down. No way, they told Casey, invoking the Constitution’s separation of church and state.”

Thank God, Casey is fighting back.

Please see the full story and picture of Michael Casey here:

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