Sunday, August 26, 2012

TFP-ANF reparation and protest against blasphemous Corpus Christi show


These are pictures from the protest and act of reparation that we did against the blasphemy presentation Corpus Christi, that shows Our Lord and the apostles as homosexuals, and which was held on Saturday, Aug. 24 in front of the Metropolitan Community Church of L.A.


This “church” is in a residential area and a lot of people in their cars saw us with some of them nodding and giving us the thumbs up sign.   All in all, the protest was very blessed and we were so happy to offer this public act of reparation to Our Lord and to Our Lady for the terrible sin that was taking place.

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  1. Why is dis-ageement with homosexual life choices labeled as hate speech, but actual hatred in speech and writing directed at faithful people supported?