Monday, April 22, 2013

Catholic University of San Diego OKs Pro-Homosexual "Drag Show" Again

By John Ritchie

The Catholic University of San Diego is hosting its second pro-homosexual “drag show” on April 25 at Shiley Theatre. The offensive event is called A Celebration of Gender Expression: Supreme Drag Superstar.

Drag Show at USD

Screenshot of a promotional ad for the "drag show."

According to a statement signed by Carmen Vazquez, vice-president of student affairs, "students of USD PRIDE will once again highlight the principles of inclusion and diversity with their second annual 'edutainment' event..."

"The Celebration of Gender Expression," she claims, "supports the Church’s teaching on the dignity of the human person and does not promote either behavior or lifestyle that is contrary to the teachings of the Church."

However, multiple eye-witness accounts of last year's "drag show" tell a very different story. This is how one student described it:

The event felt more like an underhanded attempt at indoctrination than anything else. This feeling was furthered by the banning of video, photography, and audio recording, which came across as a desire for secrecy. Even worse, the hosts of the event sought to encourage the performers as well as the audience, referring to them as “revolutionaries,” to take a more active role in making DRAG, homosexuality, and transgender identity an acceptable part of the campus.

Some of the suggestions, which resulted were gender neutral bathrooms, an increase in DRAG related events, and gay pride parades. It became rather clear over the course of the two and a half hours, that the event was less about acceptance and more about an open rebellion against Catholic values. Make no mistake, this event fostered sinful behaviors and set the stage for more in the future.

For the administration of a Catholic University to take part in this scandal came across as a betrayal, not only a betrayal of the Church but also a betrayal of every devout Catholic student who attends USD.

This year's drag show promises to be more of the same. However, a group of concerned Catholic USD students has issued an open letter today, April 22, against the “Supreme Drag Superstar 2” show.

Speaking on the group's behalf, sophomore Ailsa Tirado points out how the drag show advances an ideology that is opposed to natural law, and serves to perpetuate moral confusion rather than provide true spiritual healing.

"The University of San Diego is unquestionably being deceitful by identifying itself as a Catholic University, while permitting the acceptance and promotion of an ideology that is in direct contradiction to the Catholic moral teaching and social tradition," the open letter states.

According to its mission statement, the University of San Diego presents itself as a Roman Catholic institution and, as such, embraces Catholic moral teaching and tradition. However, Catholic students are increasingly troubled by the promotion of activities and events on campus that undermine moral values.

"Catholic parents who send their children to a university that self-identifies and advertises itself as Catholic," the open letter continues, "should be able to expect at least basic standards of decency and morality. As students, we are obligated to hold our school accountable to that statement, that commitment, which it has made to us the students, and which it is not fulfilling."

The University of San Diego has three pro-homosexual clubs: Pride, Rainbow Educators and Safe Space Allies. This might explain why the university features web site links to the Human Rights Campaign, the pro-abortion National Organization for Women (NOW) and V-Day as "resources." It also might explain why the Student Senate at USD voted to cut its affiliation with Chick-fil-A after its owner expressed his support for traditional marriage.

So much for "diversity" of opinion.

This "drag show" is only part of a larger movement to distort the meaning of marriage, and destroy God's plan.

Contact information (please be firm and polite)
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University of San Diego
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Msgr. Daniel Dillabough
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  1. WHY are parents still sending their children to this institution??? Boycott it- even protestants are against this behavior!
    Don't fight it--leave it alone and it will die!

  2. The "Catholic" University of San Diego is obviously not Catholic.