Friday, August 30, 2013

7,000 Rally Captains Milestone Reached for Rosary Crusade on October 12

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717-225-7147, ext 236 -- HANOVER, Penn., Aug 31, 2013

America Needs Fatima along with hundreds of thousands of Catholics are preparing to pray the Public Square Rosary for America on October 12, 2013.

photoal The goal is 10 thousand rallies nationwide, which is more than last year’s total of 9,077.

America Needs Fatima is promoting rosary rallies in public places to send a clear message to a suffering Nation: human solutions aren't working. We must turn to God by praying the Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary, begging for His help and guidance.

At the group's campaign headquarters near Topeka, Kansas, coordinator Francis Slobodnik announced that they had reached a milestone of 7,000 Rosary Rally Captains.

"Over 7,000 people have agreed to organize these rallies. There are rally captains in every state, and in Puerto Rico. People are really excited about it and momentum is snowballing," noted Mr. Slobodnik.

"Participants will proclaim their faith publicly, pray for America, and send a clear message to secularists who want to ban God from the public square."

"The office is buzzing with activity. Rosary volunteers and staff are busy contacting new rosary captains, answering questions and sending out supplies.  More volunteers just arrived to help handle calls."

"More and more people are looking to the Fatima message because men aren't solving the moral crisis in society." Mr. Slobodnik continued. "In other words, prayer, penance and conversion are God's answer to our problems."

To join other Rally Captains and help organize a rally in your town, contact the America Needs Fatima headquarters at 866-584-6012 or check out:

Sign up to become a Rosary Rally Captain in 2013.  A red rose
will be sent to Fatima in your name.

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