Monday, August 19, 2013

Refuge of sinners -- I will neither cast him off, nor will I despise him

My Heart is the place of refuge for sinners.

As often as any one flies hither with a contrite and humble heart, I will neither cast him off, nor will I despise him. There the dead return to life, and the living live more fully.

Pray the Rosary Daily – Do Penance – Amend Our Lives! (A wonderful 12 minute read…enjoy.)

1.) The voice of the Jesus. My child, My Heart – knowing that the frailty of mortals is of such a nature, that, whilst on earth, they cannot live without sin – has devised a saving means, whereby, if it is rightly used, they may not only obtain the remission of their sins, but also receive an increase of grace.

God is faithful, and, according to His word, He forgives their sins to those that confess them; and He gives grace to those that pray for it, and seek to live better. (I. John. i. 9, and v. 14.) - See more at:

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