Friday, August 30, 2013

Fervent Catholics protest blasphemous movie “Paradise Faith” in Hollywood

The blasphemous film is called: Paradise Faith and it was showing at the Silent Theater near Hollywood. 

On very short notice TFP-America Needs Fatima representative, Michael Whitcraft, called friends of Our Lady to pray a Rosary of Reparation in front of the Silent Theater on Wednesday night, Aug. 29, against this very offensive movie.


WARNING: INAPPROPRIATE For Minors.  Deeply Disturbing! Read With Caution.

The movie Paradise: Faith, by Ulrich Seidl, is a terrible pornographic attack on Jesus’ crucifix.


The NY Times (8/22/13) reports: Speaking of the main character in the film, “…Later in the movie, she m*****bates with the same crucifix.” [redaction ours: Ed.] Other press reports contribute… A woman…“m*****bates using a crucifix.” “it is right to show her m********ing using a cross, as she is making love to Jesus,” responds the director Ulrich Seidl when asked about it.

The protest consisted in praying the fifteen decades of the rosary, some other prayers (especially the St. Michael prayer) and the Litany of Our Lady.  Our people spread out single to double file to cover the entire front of the cinema. 

We were very happy and consoled to be able to offer this public act of reparation against such a terrible pornographic attack on the Holy Crucifix of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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  1. Praise God!! I would hope all walks of life would protest this Horrific Blasphemous movie. Here is another prime example of how Hollywood is Satanic!!