Monday, December 9, 2013

Catholics do heroic act of reparation against lesbian blasphemy in ice storm

Thursday evening on December 5th was an extremely cold, windy evening. While the snow, cold, and wind, made it difficult for others to join the rally of reparation at Oklahoma City’s Civic Center Music Hall nine brave souls participated including a young girl and two teenagers.

Thursday evening was the opening performance of, “The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told” a play featuring nudity and even more seriously, blasphemy. The Blessed Virgin Mary is portrayed as a Lesbian.

When the organizer of the protest read about this play he was shocked and horrified beyond belief? How could America, “one nation under God” allow this? On short notice he began sending out emails and making phone calls in order to organize a public rally of reparation right at the venue of shame on its opening night.

The small but enthusiastic number who participated in the rally of reparation firmly believed they had the obligation to speak out in defense of Our Lady. Even if no one would see them, God would see and bless their efforts.

As it happened to be, many did see the rally. At the same time as this notorious blasphemy began so did a program called, “The Christmas Show.” Many families with children arrived for the latter event. Children in their unpretentious innocence often asked their parents about the signs of the rally participants. Some parents explained to them, some even came and thanked us for what we were doing, however many hung their heads in shame and ignored their children’s questions.

One man came up to the rally and asked if the portrayal of Mary was part of, “The Christmas Show.” He exclaimed that if it was he was going inside to get his parents out since he had dropped them off to attend.

Very few attendees for the blasphemy attended. A few times some of them came up to the protesters and took photos or tried to bait the participants into questions in a spirit of bad will. The participants simply continued on with their prayers.

One particular gentleman came up to the protesters in a very agitated state and rudely interrupted the rosary attempting to get into an argument about the bible. The organizer informed the person that he had rudely interrupted prayer and that there would be no conversation as a result of such a rude and disrespectful display. The man then went inside. He came out later and walked around for a good while eventually approaching the participants in a more respectful tone.

At a certain point what looked to be an suv full of attendees for the blasphemy arrived, climbed out went inside and a few minutes later someone from the theater came out along with them and told the rally participants that they had to have a permit or move across the street. The rally had already lasted an hour and a half. The rally moved the fifteen feet across the drop-off lane and continued for the remaining half an hour.

Despite the low attendance, why put such an offensive blasphemy on? The sad reality is that some hate God and hate Him so much that they are consumed with committing and promoting greater offenses against Him. Such productions challenge God’s authority, and cause public opinion to become numb to such public outrages. Blasphemy is the devil’s battering ram. A society doesn’t fall with one blow, but it can fall with repeated blows if they are not repulsed.

Along with the Rosary the litany was prayed as well as prayers to St. Michael, the Memorare, Salve Regina, and so forth.

The rally ended with tremendous happiness on the part of those who participated. They were bone-chilling cold, however their hearts were warmed knowing that however small their efforts were, they had the courage to speak out, stand up for what is right, and offer reparation to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Thank God that there are still Catholics in America who are still willing to stand up for their faith! May God inspire more to do the same!

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