Friday, September 4, 2015

Huge Demonstration Supporting the Traditional Family and Rejecting “Gender Ideology” in Schools


Huge Demonstration Supporting the Traditional Family and Rejecting “Gender Ideology” in Schools

Photo by DAVID ILIFF. License: CC-BY-SA 2.5

In Rome, about 500,000 people participated in a huge manifestation against same-sex “marriage” and the introduction of the absurd “gender ideology” in Italian schools. The demonstration took place on Family Day, June 20, 2015, the France Presse news agency reported.

According to Le Monde (6/21/15) andIl Giornale (6/20/15), the demonstration organizers reported that the total number of participants reached 1 million. Despite the rain, the Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano, near Rome’s historic centre, and surrounding streets were crowded with parents and children, youths and the elderly.

They defended family values, shouted slogans and carried banners with sayings like “No to Gender Theory,” “Yes to the traditional Family,” “The family will save the world,” “We will defend our children,” “Hands off our children,” and so on.

Filial Petition to Pope Francis to Save the Family — Sign Here

Italian parents are outraged because the homosexual movement, without their consent, is imposing its “agenda” on many schools in order to sway the minds of the youth in its favor.

A number of pro-family movements took part in the demonstration, organized by an association called “Defend Our Children.” Worldwide the media at large simply ignored the gigantic event…

There is no doubt this spectacular demonstration by Italian families sends a clear and powerful message to the bishops who will participate in the “Synod of Families” in Rome next October.

The message: Your Excellencies, we do not want any change to the traditional teaching of the Church on the family institution as having been established by God between a man and a woman in a monogamous and indissoluble marriage; same sex “marriage” cannot be legalized; same-sex “couples” cannot be allowed to adopt children; we do not want the divorced and remarried to be allowed to receive Eucharistic communion; nor will we allow our children to be taught the absurd “gender ideology!”

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