Sunday, September 13, 2015

St. John Bosco Overcomes All Obstacles To Serve God

This is a photo of the great Saint John Bosco, founder of the Salesian Congregation. From a poor farming background, he is a man of the soil, on whom the priesthood takes an eminent, glorious expression.

In him there is something truly majestic. What is this majesty about? Let us consider his face: his hair though tousled, parts on his forehead with a certain distinction. His ears are large, which adds to the impression of a lofty countenance.

His nose, well made and long, underscores the extension of his face. The eyes reveal a person who is aware of the grandeur of his soul not only made to the image and likeness of the Creator, but deeply united to God.

And there is in him something resolute, of a person who has triumphed and continues to triumph over all sorts of obstacles. He is delighted and overjoyed at this triumph.

He doesn’t ascribe his victories to himself but to the help of Our Lady Help of Christians, his great protectress, to whom he had an undying devotion. He contemplates the glory of Our Lady who, in his person, prevailed. He is enthusiastically considering the victory of Our Lady Help of Christians. His confident, elevated bearing conveys the impression that everything lies below those victories.

This is the noble Saint John Bosco.

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  1. Your post is beautiful.
    Pray For Us Dear Saint John Bosco.