Thursday, September 3, 2015

Tell them to STOP projecting devils on the Empire State Building!


Please pray a Hail Mary before viewing the image below!

Stop projecting devils

on the Empire State Building!

     The Empire State Building was used as a projection screen for this image of Kali, the Hindu “goddess” of death and destruction.

     The devil and his false religions are making a huge effort to prepare the world to accept him. But to do so he must first get people accustomed to his image.

     So he must sneak in “unbeknownst” whenever he can. One very recent example of this was on Saturday night, August 1. It seems a huge portion of the Empire State Building’s upper façade was used as a projection screen by one of its Lighting Partners* to promote its wildlife conservation agenda.

     And, its final slide was of a huge picture of the devil Kali.

     Click here: Say enough is enough. “NEVER Again!”

     On its page for applications for ‘Tower Lighting Requests’, the Empire State Building web site states: The Empire
State Building will not light for religious figures, religious organizations, or additional religious holidays. [Our emphasis.]

     We must not stand idly by as our public squares and buildings, particularly one as high profile as that of the Empire State Building, are misused in what seems to be an effort to accustom people to images of demons.

     We must protect the innocence of our children, we must protect America from the demonic.

Tell The Empire State Building Corporation “NEVER Again!”

     America is a Christian nation, and it would be perfectly normal if they were to project an image of baby Jesus during Christmas for example. But that they will not allow.

     This is outrageous! Please help me protest this now. Click here.

Protest the devil projected on the Empire State building today!

* Projecting Change: the Empire State Building is produced by the Oceanic Preservation Society and Obscura Digital, in collaboration with Discovery Channel, Vulcan Productions, Spinifex Group, Photo Ark, the Li Ka-Shing Foundation and Empire State Building Trust.

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