Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lucifer Sure Is Angry

   vandalism 001

    Yesterday we reached over 1,900 rally captains!  Our volunteers were most enthusiastic about having met that goal. 


    This week we have volunteers from Long Island, NY, Louisiana, Miami, Florida and Pennsylvania. 

vandalism 002

    Last evening evidently, Lucifer revealed his irritation with the success of the campaign.  Upon arriving at the office this morning, we saw many of the beautiful flowers that grace the front of our office pulled and thrown upon the ground.   

     This morning one of our volunteers from Miami who speaks Spanish was trying to call someone in Puerto Rico.  The phone number was a wrong number.  The volunteer then called directory assistance.  While on the phone with the operator, he told her about the public rosary campaign. The operator signed up to be a rally captain. 

     He was also able to obtain the correct phone number from this operator. He then called the correct number and reached the person who also became a rally captain.

vandalism 004

    We must be doing something right for Our Lady!  To become a rally captain please call 866-584-6012.

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