Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Which is more beautiful -- the peacock or the swan?


In different ways and degrees, the peacock and the swan symbolize nobility. 


Both possess superiority.

The peacock is adorned with aspects rich and complex, which invites to analysis and admiration.  On the contrary, the swan is noble in its extreme simplicity.  Its whiteness is its adornment, and white is the synthesis of all colors.  So, in a sense, the swan has the beauty of the peacock, although a very simple way.

The peacock was made to live on the ground.  The swan lives on the water, and the water reflects its beauty. Floating on the water is, however, a most simple posture.

The peacock has a wealth of feathers – a true marvel! But the lines of the swan are more elegant.


It has a long graceful neck that curves gently backwards, which gives it a dignified manner.  From its high perch, the swan looks down on its food, the underwater reeds and vegetation.

With effortless and discrete movements, the swan floats suavely on the water.  When I see it floating along, somehow I feel pricked by a bit of envy.

While the peacock has all the nobility and beauty that comes from complexity and talent, the swan is majestic by its very simplicity.

Which is more noble?

Truly the swan’s whiteness and simplicity are admirable and high qualities.  This makes it easy to say: “the swan is simple and, therefore, more beautiful.”


But the peacock’s overabundance of color and majesty is unmatched in nature.

So, imagine two crowns: one is gold with precious stones encrusted on it.  The other is plain gold, without precious stones.

Which is more beautiful?

The crown with precious stones, of course.

My gut feeling was for the swan.  But after some thought, I would venture to say that, objectively speaking, the peacock is more beautiful.

So, my vote is for the peacock.  How about you?

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