Friday, March 26, 2010

How to fight the good fight TODAY

    The good today are surrounded by evil in every form.  They are not assaulted by one or another evil, but by every evil imaginable.  The good of today are assaulted by the evils of sacrilege, blasphemy, sexual immorality, contraception, abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, terrorism, communism, socialism, health care "reform", Satanism, egalitarianism, divorce, family crises, etc.

    The cause of all of this is brilliantly and insightfully explained in the book, Revolution and Counter-Revolution by the late Professor Plinio Correa de Oliveira.  In this inestimable volume, Dr. Plinio profoundly distills the cause, the symptoms and the cure for the contemporary crisis. The name for these combined evils is "The Revolution".  Not a revolution, but rather,  "The Revolution".  This Revolution is the greatest universal rebellion against God, His Holy Catholic Church and Christian Civilization that has taken place in history.

    All of the evils in our society are connected by this Revolution. Each horrific facet feeds the other one.

    The cure is the Counter-Revolution.  Not just a return to the good of the past, but an acceleration of good brought about by the defeat of the Revolution and by the grace of Our Lady, who crushed, and who continues to crush  the head of the serpent.

    With all of the failures and betrayals that we see today of those who should defend what is right, we should not be discouraged but we should pray even more fervently to Our Lady.  She is the ark where we can find safety amidst these violent storms.  She is also the safe harbor we can guide our vessel to in this immense tempest that is our time. 

    It is good also to reflect upon some of the great men of the Old Testament, such as Noa and Lot. They too were surrounded by much evil. Even though few, they remained faithful.  As a reward God protected them and intervened in an unimaginable way to save them.

    If we have confidence and not only remain faithful, but increase our fidelity, He will also save us  in unimaginable ways as well.

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