Thursday, March 25, 2010

What’s Your Fatima IQ? – QUIZ

Ever wonder how much you know about the Fatima message?

Now’s the time to find out by taking the Fatima Quiz.

It won’t take long. About 90 seconds.

------------------ Quick Fatima Quiz -----------------------

(Please come back tomorrow to get the answers.)

1 – In what country is Fatima located?


2 - Name the three seers:




3 – What was the prayer that Our Lady asked us to say everyday?


4 – Our Lady referred to certain errors that would spread across the globe if mankind did not convert. What did She call these errors?


5 – What was the event that unexpectedly delayed the August apparition of Our Lady?


6 – Our Lady said that if two things were done, a certain nation would convert and there would be peace in the world. What were these two things?

1.___________________________ 2. ___________________________

7 – Our Lady told the seers a miracle would happen at the October 1917 apparition for a certain reason. What was the reason for the miracle?


8 – During the miracle of the sun, the three seers were shown a sequence of three scenes or pictures. What were they?

1_________________ 2___________________ 3____________________

9 – In the final Fatima apparition in October, Our Lady introduced herself to the seers, calling Herself by a certain title. What was that title?


10 – Our Lady said that Our Lord wished to establish a certain devotion in the world and promised salvation to those who practiced it. What devotion is this?


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