Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Catholic knights also protected the weak

    The third commandment of the code of chivalry is, "thou shalt respect all weaknesses and shalt constitute thyself the defender of them."

    The knight trained not only to be strong and fearsome in war, but he was also schooled in piety and virtue.  Due to the pervasive influence of the Church, the knight was transformed from brute to gentleman. 

    Sadly, today the word gentleman has taken on a somewhat negative connotation.  The gothic warrior before knighthood excelled at one thing, killing and destroying.  The Church taught the knight the proper balance of all virtues.  His training involved not only the excellent use of arms, but also religion and courtesy.  In war he was indeed fearsome, but in peace, while still always prepared for war, he could abundantly demonstrate goodness and gentleness.

    The knights protected ladies, orphans, the elderly, the poor, the sick and most especially priests and religious. 

    The duty of the knight was not only to be aggressive in combating evil, but also to be equally as energetic in defending the weaker elements of society.  Men of vice would sometimes seek to take advantage of and even to harm the weak. It was the duty of the knight to stand between such men and their intended victims.

    Today, the weakest of all, the unborn, the sick and the elderly are rejected by society's acceptance of such evils as abortion and euthanasia. Ladies who choose modesty and purity are mocked by the world.  Mothers who consider large families a blessing are also pointed out for criticism.  Catholics who reject same-sex marriage are pressured to accept this vice.

    Let us, like the knights of old, protect all weaknesses, especially those who are not always capable of defending themselves. 

    Let us rally to protect the unborn, the handicapped and the elderly.  Let us speak out on their behalf when they are threatened.  Let our voices be heard when attempts are made to pass laws that will further weaken the legal protections of the weak and traditional marriage.  Let us by example show particular consideration towards those who are neglected and disregarded by the politically correct world of today.

    The knights were men who did not test public opinion before deciding to do what is right.  If a weakness was threatened, they were there to defend despite the cost to themselves.

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