Thursday, April 22, 2010

If Men Followed This Code, How Holy the World Would Be

Many in our contemporary society have either never heard of the code of chivalry or consider such ideals to be anachronistic and out of style. They are considered to be irrelevant to the cold and brutal world of today.

The Code of Chivalry is the distillation of the greatest ideals of the temporal society of Christian Civilization.

code of chivalry

The Code of Chivalry shows the tremendous influence that the Church had over temporal society during the Middle Ages. The spirit of the Church permeated everything, including knights, who were men engaged in warfare. This code transformed the warrior of the Goths into a knight, no less fearsome, yet rounded out by balance and virtue.

The man who religiously follows this code will live a life of sanctity.

The code of chivalry contains all of the great ideals of Christian Civilization. It promotes fidelity, honesty, hierarchy, charity, generosity and Catholic militancy. These virtues and ideals are in short supply in our own day and age.

It would do well for those of us engaged in the great moral conflicts of today to understand and live the code of chivalry according to our state in life.

Each day I will write about one of these ten commandments of chivalry. I hope that you will be as inspired as I am by these great ideals.

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