Friday, April 23, 2010

Knights of Our Lady do Rosary Rallies

The first and greatest commandment of the code of chivalry is, “Thou shalt believe all that the Church teaches and shall obey all Her commandments.”

This single unambiguous statement sums up the life of a faithful Catholic. This is a proclamation of total fidelity to the Church. How anti-relativistic is this commandment.

Today, people believe they can pick and choose which teachings, which doctrines, which morality, which commandments they will accept. Not so the medieval knight. He swore to accept the truths of the Faith in their entirety without reservation or equivocation.

The proof that the medieval knight really believed this was the Crusades. The knights of chivalry put their words into noble deeds.

Today we are surrounded by mediocrity, by those within the Church and without whose lives are focused almost entirely on self-interest. Let us in this age of infidelity to the Church renew our resolve to have the same fidelity as the knight.

An excellent way that we can express this fidelity is by becoming a rally captain or by participating in the Public Square Rosary. The knights traveled far and suffered much on the Crusades as a public proof of their fidelity.

Let us, like the medieval knight join the crusade of the Public Square Rosary as a way of shouting to the world, that we too, believe all that the Church teaches and that we pledge to obey all Her commandments.

To be like a knight of old you can sign up to become a Public Square Rosary rally captain by calling us at (866) 584 6012.

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