Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blasphemous cartoon depicts Jesus Crucified and Resurrected as alien cyber monster

Tragically, the wave of blasphemy against Our Lord and Our Lady continues and grows from day to day.

Besides offending God in a very direct and spiteful manner, this growing wave of blasphemy has another terrible effect: it tends to make Catholics become callous to these grave sins, and to go lax in their defense of the honor of Christ the King. 

We cannot allow this apathy towards blasphemy to settle in our souls.  To the contrary, we must oppose it with every fiber of our minds, hearts and souls.

The latest blasphemy is a cartoon by Tim Buckley titled “So It Is Written.”

It is a cartoon divided into a three picture series.  The first pictures has Our Lord on the Cross wearing an alien-like helmet on His Sacred Head, surrounded by two Roman soldiers, one of which is about to pierce His side with a lance.  

The caption reads, “And on that fateful day, the hackers poked many holes in the PSN, spilling out the precious information inside.”

The next picture shows Our Lord dead and placed on a bed, with a shroud laid over His Body.  The caption reads: “Sony took the remains and wrapped them in the shroud of the offline.”

The third and final picture shows a Resurrected Jesus, again with that alien cyber helmet on, which makes Him looks strangely sinister.   The caption reads: “But lo, on the 23rd day it did rise again.”

Imagine if a similar cartoon had been drawn against Muslims or Jews!  But no one seems to care if it is done against Catholics!

Please be polite yet firm when you contact Mr. Tim Buckley at:


  1. I just sent this to the author of this blasphemous cartoon:

    Sir, Your blasphemous cartoon of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ is very offensive to us and we ask you to destroy it and any others like it. Jesus is God, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, who will judge you at your death. You will be ashamed of what you have composed and written. There's still time to convert and stop this madness. Your very soul is at stake! May the Divine Mercy be in you to change your heart.


    Deacon John Giglio

  2. What makes it ok for religious persons to press their belifes and opinions on non-religous persons (in this case Tim).

    But for me to attack your fait would be harassment or opression?

    Deacon John even goes to tell him that he "will be ashamed" for creating something that brings joy to many people.

    You sirs, are no better than the ppl attacking Lars von Trier for his cartoon in the Jylland Post.

  3. This comic is in no way blasphemous, the person depicted in it is not Jesus, it is the Playstation Network. The characters you see as romans are not romans, they are Anonymous, who some claim hacked Playstation Network, causing it to be shut down. The only reason it resembles the story of Jesus is because both died and came back after a while, which is why the author chose to parody the story.

    Now please have your followers stop harassing the author of this comic, he has done nothing wrong, and his soul is just fine.