Friday, May 13, 2011

Man dies of heart attack after breaking Our Lady of Fatima statue

According to numerous press reports, an incredible fact took place in the northeastern region of Brazil, involving a man who entered a church, broke statues and then died of a heart attack.

Edmílson Jovino is the man’s name. This fact took place in the city of Catingueira, in the countryside of the state of Paraiba.

Edmílson Jovino entered the Catholic church of that city, attacked the pastor, Fr. Fabrício Dias Timóteo, then went on a rampage, breaking the Pascal candle and two statues; one of Christ Crucified, the other of Our Lady of Fatima.

Please protest this terrible blasphemy against Our Lady of Guadalupe

Edmílson’s attack on the church caught the attention of several people. They followed him into the street, surrounded him and called the police.

The attacker started to feel very sick, and then died. According to some doctors, Edmílson Jovino died from a fulminating heart attack.

Meanwhile, the church has been shut down until a fitting act of reparation can be carried out by the locals.

Please act against this attack on Our Lady of Guadalupe


  1. The good Lord works in mysterious ways.

  2. Struck down in his sins. In the spiritual life sometimes our Merciful Lord takes someone before they commit worse crimes so that the souls punishment will be lessened in the next life. In other words God knows the past present and future of all souls and therefore knows if someone will reject him ultimately and be lost forever. He loves that soul so much that he doesn't want that soul whom he knows will reject him and sentence itself to hell to suffer even more so he mercifully takes the soul. Those who have ears to hear let them hear. Let us pray for that man.

  3. It appears that this man may have been possessed. Very odd circumstances.

  4. AG

    You just don't go in like the devil, and destroy
    things that are of the Lord.
    people have to learn to respect others property,
    even if you disapprove.

  5. I agree that God, who loves us, might take a soul early because He knows that person may sin his way into hell. And no one knows, if that man repented in his last moments, thereby, benefiting from Divine Mercy and being saved. On the other hand, for whatever reason, worldwide, people are boldly going into churches and destroying them and killing priests. If there is Satan worship or hatred that motivates someone, then sudden death carries with it, the danger of eternal loss to that soul.

  6. He was obviously mentally ill, and the stress of his outburst proved too much for his body. And you want to make this out to be some sort of sick mystical retribution for his actions? You are twisted people.